Camino Real

Principales características:
  • Top quality fruit, above Camarosa and Gaviota.
  • Small plants with an upright growth habit, which allows for high planting density and facilitates harvesting tasks.
  • Its fruit is very resistant to rainfall damage and presents no pollination problems, i.e. its deformation rate is very low.
  • Adapts very well to the weather and growing practices of Huelva.

Short-day variety starting production slightly later than Camarosa. The average yield of Camino Real exceeds those of Camarosa and Gaviota, with a remarkably lower rate of second quality fruit. Camino Real plants are small, compact and easy to handle. Its fruit is large (similar to Camarosa), firm and with a darker inner and outer colour as compared to Camarosa.

Resistencia a enfermedades y plagas:

Camino Real is very resistant to rainfall damage and adverse weather, as well as to relevant soil-borne diseases like Phytophthora, Verticillium and anthracnose. It is also tolerant to spider mite, Xanthomonas and common leaf spot.

Evaluación de resultados de ensayos:

Trials carried out at Irvine (California) and Palos de la Frontera (Huelva, Spain) in 2001 showed that Camino Real produces more first-quality fruit than Camarosa and is only excelled by Ventana to this respect. Trials carried out in Santa Maria (California) in 1998 showed that Camino Real has a percentage of second-quality fruit equivalent to less than half that of Camarosa.