Principales características:
  • Outstanding fruit quality and excellent flavour.
  • Large fruit size.
  • Yields above Selva and Seascape.
  • Very compact plant with an upright growth habit, which facilitates harvesting tasks and allows for high planting density.
  • Little need of cold conditioning before sowing.
  • Very low cull rates.

Diamante stands out in fruit quality, excellent flavour and fruit size (30-31 grams per fruit). Its plants are more compact and upright than Selva and Seascape, with a lower percentage of undersized fruit and therefore a lower cull rate than Selva. Its fruit has a better appearance than Selva and Seascape, being as firm as Selva and firmer than Seascape. Inner fruit colour is lighter than other day-neutral varieties, which makes this variety better suited for the fresh market than for the processing industry.

Resistencia a enfermedades y plagas:

If properly handled, it is more resistant to red spider mite (Tretanychus urticae) and mildew than Selva and Seascape. Diamante is more sensitive to Verticillium wilt and Phytophthora than Aromas – therefore, good quality mother plants and a good soil conditioning are essential.

Evaluación de resultados de ensayos:

In the trials carried out at the Watsonville Research Facility in 1995 and 1996, Diamante ranked second in terms of per-plant productivity among the tested varieties (Seascape, Selva, Aromas, Diamante and Pacific). Its differences in yield in relation to Selva, Seascape and Pacific was remarkable. Diamante resembles Selva and Seascape in terms of chill requirements before planting, but needs less cold at the development stage.