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Principales características:

Outstanding fruit quality and excellent flavour.
Higher yields than Selva and Seascape.
Very resistant to adverse weather.


Its main characteristic is its outstanding fruit quality, good fruit size (24-26 grams per fruit), and a more upright growth habit than Selva and Seascape.

Aromas produces less undersized fruit, thus presenting a lower cull rate than Selva.

Aromas fruit has a similar or even better appearance than Selva and Seascape, with a dark red colour which makes it suitable both for the fresh market and the processing industry.

Aromas fruit is firmer than Selva and Seascape. More importantly, Aromas is the day-neutral variety of choice when the special advantages of Diamante (excellent flavour for the fresh market) are not required.

Resistencia a enfermedades y plagas:

Aromas is quite resistant to Oidium (powdery mildew), anthracnose and the viruses which typically attack strawberry plants in California.

If properly handled, it is more resistant to mites than Selva and Seascape. Aromas is moderately sensitive to Verticillium wilt – therefore, good quality mother plants and a good soil conditioning are essential.

Evaluación de resultados de ensayos:

In the trials carried out at the Watsonville Research Facility in 1995 and 1996, Aromas recorded the highest per-plant productivity among all day-neutral varieties under trial (Selva, Seascape, Aromas, Diamante and Pacific).

Its yield exceeded Seascape, Selva and Pacific by 10-15%.

Aromas is similar to Seascape as concerns mother plant harvest requirements. It also needs two or three weeks of cold conditioning before planting. Aromas takes slightly longer (2 or 3 weeks) to start fruiting, but yields more fruit at the end of the season.