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Principales características:

Similar yields to Camarosa.
Its fruit size is larger than Camarosa's. Easy to harvest and low cull rate.
Good quality and flavour.
Very resistant to harsh environmental conditions, especially rainfall damage, anthracnose and Oidium.


Gaviota stands out in fruit quality (especially its flavour), fruit size (26-28 grams per fruit) and its open, compact and erect growth habit.

Fruit is similar in colour to Camarosa but less firm.

Resistencia a enfermedades y plagas:

Quite resistant to Oidium and anthracnose, but slightly sensitive to Verticillium and Phytophthora – therefore, good quality mother plants and a good soil conditioning are highly recommended.

Evaluación de resultados de ensayos:

The trials carried out at the Watsonville Research Facility in 1995 and 1996 showed that Gaviota produces less fruit than Camarosa. However, the shape of Gaviota plants allows for higher planting densities and therefore a similar overall production volume.

These trials also showed that its resistance to rainfall damage makes Gaviota very well suited for particularly rainy regions and/or years.