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Principales características:

Seascape has performed very well in Watsonville as a frigo plant, being planted on September 1st and producing fruit in spring and summer.
Very good quality fruit with a very deep red colour.
Very vigorous plant.


Its main characteristic is its outstanding fruit quality and good fruit size (24-26 grams per fruit).

Seascape fruit has a similar or even better appearance than Selva, with a dark red colour which makes it suitable for the fresh market and the processing industry alike.

One of its main problems is firmness, though, with fruit considerably less firm than Aromas and Diamante.

It is a weakly remontant variety, which means it can stop flowering for 4 to 6 weeks during summer heat periods.

Its best results as a fresh plant were obtained at the Watsonville facility, using high-altitude plants uprooted on a late date (after October 15th), with more than 350 hours of cold storage (below 7ºC) and 3 or 4 weeks of cold conditioning before sowing.

Seascape plants have few runners and are therefore not suitable for use as nursery plants.

Evaluación de resultados de ensayos:

The trials carried out at the Watsonville Research Facility in 1995 and 1996 showed that Seascape is still a valuable day-neutral option in Europe, with very good fruit quality and higher yields than Selva.