Principales características:

Extra early variety.
Excellent flavour and appearance.
Very compact, easy-to-harvest plants.


In early plantings, Palomar can be planted even 10 days ahead of Festival.

Currently the early variety with the best organoleptic quality of the market.

Per-plant yields are slightly lower than Ventana. However, plants are smaller and more compact, allowing for higher per-hectare plant densities and higher overall production levels.

Palomar is sensitive to Phytophthora. It is therefore recommended to apply pre-planting treatments and use fungicides such as Aliete, Ridomil, phosphite...

Due to its small plant size and low vigour, early planting and nitrogen-rich fertilizers are recommended. However, calyx burn can be a problem in hot, dry areas. Special care must also be taken with leaf health, so as to avoid a reduction of the total photosynthetic area.