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San Andreas

Principales características:

Very firm fruit (firmer than Candonga), with a medium-bright red colour and excellent flavour and aroma.

Sensitive to deficiencies in boron.

At the nursery, plants should be uprooted once growth has stopped and the crown has reached at least a diameter of 0,8 cm.

Early planting for plants to develop side crowns in a 25x25 cm planting pattern.Basis fertilizer should have a 15-20% N and 8-15% P and K, depending on soil analyses.

Very early and high-yielding variety. However, it is necessary to promote the growth of side crowns before the first fruits set.

Growth should be fostered by cutting the first flowers – there should be 2 or 3 side crowns before fruits set.

Higher irrigation needs – the soil surface should always be humid.

A leaf nutrition programme should be started 2 to 3 weeks after planting.

Nitrogen-rich fertilizers should be applied in the following 6 to 8 weeks to foster the growth of side crowns.

Then N should be reduced and K and P dosage should be increased.



SAN ANDREAS is a moderate day-neutral (everbearing) variety with an excellent fruit quality (similar to Albion), outstanding flavour, little nursery chill requirements, and resistance to diseases.

It starts to fruit earlier than Camarosa in autumn plantings, with a smooth, stable production curve throughout the season. Fruit size maintains throughout the season and production levels are good.

SAN ANDREAS can be very useful for growers to save labour costs without leaving unused planting surface during the high-production season, since it requires less labour per hectare.

SAN ANDREAS performs very well with different plant types (pot plants, trays, fresh and frigo) and varying planting schedules, and can produce fruit throughout the year in many different countries around the world.

It may be the first day-neutral variety adapting well to short-day variety markets.
During the fruiting season, SAN ANDREAS produces much less runners than Albion.

Resistencia a enfermedades y plagas:

Very resistant to Phytophthora and anthracnose.
Resistant to adverse weather, reducing the incidence of Botrytis and Oidium.