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Principales características:

Medium-to-high vigour, especially at the start of the season. Throughout the entire season it is less vigorous than Camarosa, though.

Earlier fruiting than Camarosa in early autumn plantings.

Mojave requires the same or even less room than Camarosa.

Fruit is longer than Camarosa. If properly handled, it is more resistant than Ventana, although less than Camarosa.

Fruit flavour is quite better than Camarosa, particularly at the beginning of harvest.

Mojave shelf life is pretty good and in excels Camarosa in flavour. It also stands out in fruit skin brightness throughout the season.

Resistencia a enfermedades y plagas:

Resistant to diseases, among them anthracnose.

Tolerant to Oidium and spider mite.

Disease control heavily depends on nursery handling.