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Principales características:
  • Adapts very well to all weather conditions.
  • Very early variety (early October plantings start to fruit by December).
  • High yields and great fruit quality (colour, size and firmness).

Camarosa has been the most widely cultivated variety for some years now (accounts for about 60% of the world's production). It adapts greatly to all weather conditions, from the humid subtropical regions of Florida and Argentina to Mediterranean regions like Spain (95% of total production), Portugal, Morocco, Chile, Southern Italy and Southern California, including mild climates like New Zealand and the central coast of California (Watsonville). In California, Camarosa is producing an average 67 metric tonnes per hectare, being the main variety of the Californian consumer market from May to January as well as the first choice of the processing industry. Camarosa produces fruit during 6 to 7 months every year. Its fruit is large (about 28-30 cm), firm, dark red and conical in shape.