2010's: New Goals

2010: Master Licensee by the University of California for the development of asparagus varieties. Acquisition of Genetic Resources Inc. U.S. Participation in Maroc Meknes Seeds.
2011: Varietal conversion plan deployed in the Guadalquivir river basin (Spain) affecting 500 hectares of citrus. Acquisition of the Santo Tomas intensive growing holding.
2012: Expansion into Peru, Miska Farm. Genetic innovation investments in California.
2013: A second cotton ginning plant is opened in Angola (Malanje). Development of mandarin varieties in China and South Africa. Acquisition of the El Oidor citrus growing holding.

2000's: Growth / Expansion

2000: Foundation of Agriberia.
2001: Foundation of Eurogenetic.
2002: Acquisition of the Mirasierra oil and cotton factory (Cordoba).
2004: Expansion into China, Japan, and Korea.
2005: Master Licensee by the University of California for the international development of late mandarin varieties.
2006: Master Licensee by the University of California for the development of avocado and other fruit varieties.
2006: Master Licensee by the Scottish Crop Research Institute for the development of raspberry varieties in Spain.
2007: Expansion into Angola (Kwanza Sul).

1990's: New Acquisitions

1990: EU Agreement: Breeding sunflower varieties in China.
1991: EU Agreement: Development of Lupinus in the Mediterranean region.
1992: Acquisition of five cotton factories.
1993: Acquisition of a cotton chemical delinting plant in Argentina.
1994: A 2nd chemical delinting plant is opened in Argentina.
1995: EU Agreement: Development of the strawberry market in India.
1996: Acquisition of Seedco Corporation - Texas, U.S.
1997: Foundation of Biozahara.
1999: The 'Cotton Grain' plant is opened.

1997: Foundation of Biozahara.

1980's: Innovation

1982: Technological innovation with the first and only chemical cottonseed delinting plant in Spain.
1982: Surcotton is founded.
1987: Los Rosales Factory – "Continental" cotton ginning line; cotton fibre production.
1988: The first continuous oil solvent extraction plant is opened.
1989: Master Licensee by the University of California – Exclusive agreement for the development of strawberry varieties in Spain.

1970's: Plant Variety Breeding

1970: Breeding of stringless green beans.
1974: Breeding of pea varieties for the canning industry.
1977: Development of sunflower growing in Spain, pioneering the introduction of hybrid varieties thanks to an agreement with Growers Ind. (U.S.).
1980: Higueron Factory (Cordoba) – Selected seed processing and storing (horticultural crops, oilseed, cotton, cereal, legumes).

1960's: The Beginnings

1969: Foundation of Eurosemillas.