In 1987, experts from the University of California arrived at Spain to carry out a study of the strawberry industry. In 1989, Eurosemillas signed its first Master Licensee Agreement with the University of California, who was to become its main plant innovation and technology supplier.

Starting in 1991, the conjunction UC-Eurosemillas-Camarosa becomes an indisputable leader in the Spanish market. The company also begins to open its business to new varieties and foreign markets.

1990 - 1997: Development of UC varieties in Latin America.
1998 - 2003: Mediterranean area.
2003 - 2007: Turkey and expansion into Asia: China, Japan, and India. Mandarin, asparagus, avocado and other fruit species.

The key to success? A long-term investment based on research, technology transfer and producer knowledge resulting in a business model which makes the best out of protection rights.

Different agreements have been reached with other breeding programmes in the past 30 years:

  • Raspberry – Scottish Research Crop Institute (Scotland).
  • Blueberry – Atlantic Blue (Spain-Germany).
  • Maize and Sunflower – Genetic Resources Inc. (Illinois, U.S.).
  • Wheat – IRTA (Spain).
  • Data Track System – ADS (California, U.S.)
  • Cotton – Eurogenetic (Spain).

Today, Eurosemillas represents and manages more than 100 plant varieties within several species and is the first Spanish company by patent-based revenue.

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