Pera Elliot

Caracteristicas generales:
Elliot is an autumn pear variety with a golden rind colour.
Good resistance to fire blight.
Maturity period: early September, 20 to 30 days after Williams.
Parentage: Elliot 4 x Vermount Beauty.
Breeder: Universidad de California, Davis (U.S.).


Características del fruto:
Maturity: Mid-season, late August, early September with a firmness rate of 6-6.5 kg/0.5 cm2.
Harvest: Twice in homogeneous growing fields without rootstock-related problems.
Shape: Conical, quite regular.
Appearance: Very good. Fruit shape and bright colour make it very attractive after conditioning.
Size: 60-70 mm in average. Tendency to produce 65-mm fruit in less vigorous trees or in the face of grafting affinity problems.
Flavour: Very good, aromatic and balanced after conditioning with a >16º Brix. Average acidity: 3.5 g/L.
Flesh: Juicy and sweet, fine-grained texture. Nice sensation of freshness in mouth.
Rind: Golden/coppery colour, consistent in all growing regions. Nice to touch, slightly bitter in mouth.
Storage: Good storing conditions, keeps for 5 months at -0.5ºC. Elliot has a long, homogeneous maturity period. After conditioning, fruit keeps 5 to 7 days out of the fridge.
Conditioning: 7 days at 18ºC with 95% humidity or 4 at 25ºC with 95% humidity. These data are for orientation purposes only. Conditioning is an essential stage before commercialisation.
Consumption: For fresh consumption or cooking. Elliot should be peeled.
Características del árbol:
Vigour: Medium, improves with the appropriate rootstocks. Little compatibility with certain rootstocks, improved by using the intermediate rootstock Comice on BA29, Adams and Cognassier C. INRA Pyriam is recommended in absence of intermediate rootstock.
Size: Upright growth habit with narrow branching angle. Very good performance of fruiting branches. Curves form almost naturally with good, fast fruiting.
Pollination: Blossoms at the same time as Williams (for orientation purposes only).
Pollinators used so far: Homored®Williams Rouge Homogène, Guyot, Williams, Harrow Sweet or varieties or Nashi Chojuro, Shinko, or Shinseiki.

Elliot has excellent agronomic qualities as long as grafting affinity problems with BA29 are solved by using Comice, other intermediate rootstocks or by directly grafting it on other rootstocks such as Pyriam.

Its main advantage is its outstanding flavour, together with its beautiful shape and attractive colour once conditioned. Its high yields and fast fruiting are also worth mentioning. Agricultural management is easy and post-harvest life is extended.