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Tango / Tang Gold

Características del fruto:
  • Seedless under all pollination conditions.
  • Does not set seed in other citrus crops.
  • Easy to peel.
  • Rind colour: Orange, reddish.
  • Rind texture: Smooth.
  • Flesh texture: Fine.
  • Flavour: Delicious.
  • Very high Brix: 11% January, 12% February, 13% March.
  • Acidity: 1.2% January, 1% February, 0.8% March.
  • Juiciness: 50% juice.
  • Medium to small in size: 50-60 mm.
  • Weight: 90 g per fruit.
  • Fruit reaches maturity in January (varying depending on weather and location) and holds on the tree until April.
  • Excellent storing qualities.
Características del árbol:
  • Tree size: Medium to large.
  • Very productive: 80-100 kg/tree.
  • Canopy shape: spherical, resembling an orange tree rather than a mandarin tree – 2.6 to 3 m tall.
  • Vigorous, spinefree.
  • Tendency to alternate bearing which can be avoided with the appropriate cultural practices.
  • Flowering in March-April.
  • Performs well on the following rootstocks: Carrizo, C35, sour orange, Volkameriana, Macrophylla, Citrumelo, “Schaub” rough lemon.