Características del fruto:
  • Fruit medium in size: 64 mm diameter, 56 mm height.
  • Colour: Deep orange.
  • Rind: Thin, moderately adherent at maturity: 3.5 mm thick.
  • Fine flesh texture, 10-11 segments per fruit.
  • Juicy fruit: 47% juice.
  • Average weight: 110g.
  • Acidity: 0.85-1.17% in January, 0.76-0.93 in mid-March (on Carrizo citrange rootstocks) and 0.94-1.23% in January, 0.78-1.01 in mid-March (on C35 Citrange rootstocks).
Características del árbol:
  • Similar to Fairchild
  • Tendency to form a more compact and dense round crown.
  • Eleven-year old 'FairchildLS' tree on Carrizo citrange rootstock: 2.7 m tall and 3.0 m wide.
  • Pollen viability is low (25-35% germination).
  • Fruit production starts in the third year after sowing.
  • Fruit production in four-year old trees averages 28.2-40.1 kg and in five-year old trees it averages 41,6-49.2 kg.