89MAY70 Maize

Caracteristicas generales:

After many years of experience in the domestic market, our R&D efforts in maize focus on the search for more productive varieties and resistance to grain drop and leaf diseases.

We use genetically tested material and targeted crossing techniques to breed our new maize varieties, getting enough variability to select the best materials.

Some of our R&D projects are carried out in collaboration with public bodies, universities, research departments and private entities (Genetic Resources...).

Therefore, Eurosemillas is prepared to face the future with confidence, and thanks to our production system we can guarantee that you will continue getting the best outcome with us.

Growing cycle:

Maturity days (FAO days): 130-135 days, FAO 700.
Fast drying rate in maturity.

General characteristics:

Long, flexible ears with many lines and perfect round off.
Grain with very good weight.

Main characteristics:

Adapts very well to different types of soil.
Excellent yielding potential at maximum performance.
Very good emergence vigour, good performance under all conditions.
Good tolerance to 'Cephalosporium'.
Medium-tall plant height, medium-high ear insertion.
Good grain depth and weight: High-yielding variety.
Very good emergence vigour: Good plant density, uniform growing pattern in all plots.
Adapts well to all weather and soil conditions as well as to different sowing schedules.